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Blended (2014) is a light- hearted romantic comedy directed by Frank Coraci and starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. You may be thinking that you’ve seen a film similar to this before. You are probably thinking of The Wedding Singer (1998) and 50 First Dates (2004)… Well I can assure you this film is completely different… Well, perhaps not but it is still a good laugh.


This film takes us in its arms and invites us to snuggle in our seats and pass the time with it. It is fantastic to watch when you are ill and you just fancy something that will make you feel good without requiring too much mental capacity. Ingrained with an almost childish humour, you are sure to find some laugh out loud moments.

After a bad date gone disastrously wrong, an unbelievable twist of events ensures Jim (Adam Sandler) and Lauren (Drew Barrymore) find themselves stuck together at an African holiday resort for families. As the inevitable attraction between themselves and their children grow, they realise that their first impressions of each other were flawed.blended_picture_2

The film has received criticism on a moral standpoint. “Feminists” are up in their seats demanding that the jokes about Jim’s daughters looking like boys are degrading, implying that a woman’s worth is in how feminine they look. To them I say, “lighten up.” No part of this film is realistic. Besides, it is obvious that these girls are very valued by their father. The only thing that happens when the oldest daughter dresses more feminine is that she feels more confident being able to express her gender in the way she wants to. Her confidence and happiness went a long way in securing the boy she liked dated her crush at the end of the film; and the boy had actually liked her before she changed her appearance.

Likewise critics have noted “I just don’t like Adam Sandler.”

… This leads me to ask: “Why did you watch the film if you had already decided you would not like it based on the starring actor?”

No, it’s not philosophical or meaningful. But, who is in the mood for that all the time anyway? Sometimes, we just want an easy laugh that will make us feel good. The beauty of this film is that is appeals to a lot of age groups, the story line is easy to follow and there is a lot of humour along the way. If you tired and run- down, this film is sure to cheer you up.


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