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2016 Emmys Winners

The 2016 Emmy winners were announced on September 18, 2016 and hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. You can check out the list on the official Emmys website and on the IMDb site.


A lot of awards were giving last Sunday. One of my favourite was well deserved (and about time!) to Tatiana Maslany for Orphan Black and her so many clones. One Emmy for lead actress, where half of the cast has won. Anecdote, she didn’t have her speech ready on paper, as expected, she used her phone.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus got her 4th Emmy in a row and gave a smart, funny and emotive speech. Jeffrey Tambor won and claimed more opportunities for transgender actors. Sarah Paulsons plus one, was Marcia Clark, the lawyer she plays on TV. Rami Malek won and joked about it Elliot style. 

A curious story is the one about Regina King. She won two awards for the same tv show, but for two different roles.

Veep is unstoppable and Game of thrones is the TV show with the most Emmys in history.


Any Favourites? Surprises? This is TV.


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