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The cinema at home for 50$

Would You Pay $50 to Watch Theatrical Releases at Home?

That’s Sean Parker (co-founder of Napster and a top executive at Spotify)’s new venture. The Screening Room allows you to watch new releases in the comfort of your home at the same time that you could watch them at the theater.

This new system would cost 150$ and it would be totally safe and piracy-protected. You could rent a movie for 50$ to watch it at home without the need to wait months after release.

Is this a good solution for the industry or is it just going to reduce ticket sales? Would this make piracy decrease or even increase? Certainly it has its advantages. You wouldn’t need to pay for an expensive cinema ticket to see the movie, or expensive pop-corn or even transportation there and back. Other advantages would be not having to listen to other people talking, eating or screaming. Bad weather? Cinema at home! But of course, not everything is good. It’s not that cheap either which would make it good only for groups/families or for wealthy people. A movie on the big screen is always better so if your TV is regular size… not that good. And the key question, would all movies be available?

J.J. Abrams, Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson are in favor of this new system. Would that be enough?

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