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Hodor and the headaches of translation

Spoilers on Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 5 – The Door

Game of Thrones is known around the world and is translated into many languages. In the 5th episode of season 6 we found the origin of Hodor’s name. It was a great game of words. From “Hold the door” to “Hodor”, the characters name, but, what about in other languages? How can they translate this? The people in charge of translation had a tough job in this episode since they didn’t know the origin of the name in the beginning and they couldn’t anticipate it. Here are some of the translations:

  • Spanish: ¡Aguanta el portón! (Hold the door!) >El portador > Hodor
  • Turkish: Orada dur! (Stay there!) > Orda dur! > Ordur! > Hodor
  • French: Ne les laisse pas aller au-dehors! (“Don’t let them out!”) > Pas au-dehors! > Au-dehors! > Hodor
  • German: Halt das Tor! (Hold the door!) > Haldator > Holdotor > Hodor
  • Italian: Tieni duro! (Hold it strong!) > Ieni duro > Eniro > Hodor
  • Portuguese: Segura a porta! (Hold the door!) > A porta > Porrrrt..a >Hodor
  • Swedish: Håll dörren! (Keep the door!) > Håll dörr > Hådörr > Hodor
  • Danish: Hold Døren! (Hold the door!) > Holdøren > Holdør > Hodor
  • Chinese: 别让它们进来! [Bie rang ta men jin lai!] (Don’t let them pass!) > 别让进来! [Bie rang jin lai!] > 别让进! [Bie rang jing!] > 何.多! [He duo!] > Hodor

Not an easy job!

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