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‘My Scientology Movie’ finally receives theatrical release

Almost a year after its premiere at the London Film Festival, Louis Theroux’s ‘My Scientology Movie’ has received limited theatrical release in the United Kingdom. The film was both written by and starred Louis Theroux, known for his documentary series such as ‘Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends’. The content is approached in an unconventional way, setting it apart from the countless Scientology documentaries that already exist. Actors are shown to be auditioning to play famous Scientologists (eg- Tom Cruise), and ex-members of the cult tell of their run-ins with senior management. Also featuring is a famous apostate, Marty Rathburn, a former Scientologist enforcer. The church now hates Rathburn for his betrayal in blowing the whistle on them, meaning his presence in the documentary adds a new level of controversy.

The documentary film has received abundant praise from critics, for example being called a ‘giddy, Pythonesque jab in the ribs’ (Tim Robey, Telegraph), and is set to be released in North America next March.

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