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Rihanna’s new album is leaked online

Rihanna‘s highly-anticipated new album “Anti” has been released, two days earlier than expected, after being leaked online on Tidal. Although they seem to have taken it down quickly, people were able to download all the songs hence the earlier official release of the new album.

Although Tidal staff worked quickly to take it down after the “systematic error”, many people were able to download: 1.4 million downloads in just 15 hours! Unfortunately, this won’t count towards Rihanna’s album sale and positions in the charts.

Here is the tracklist:

1. “Consideration (feat. SZA)”
2. “James Joint”
3. “Kiss It Better”
4. “Work (feat. Drake)”
5. “Desperado”
6. “Woo”
7. “Needed Me”
8. “Yeah, I Said It”
9. “Same Ol’ Mistakes”
10. “Never Ending”
11. “Love on the Brain”
12. “Higher”
13. “Close to You”

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