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Tania Kassis… A Concert of Love and Hope!

After lifting one more time the colors of Lebanon during an exceptional concert at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, Tania Kassis returned to her homeland and delighted her spectators at the Beirut Holidays Festival with a unique concert under the artistic direction of Cynthia Sarkis Perros. Her “Love of Life” themed concert was full of positive energy, hope, happiness and beauty! Kassis sang a beautiful mix of songs with over 150 singers from three choirs, directed by Fadi Kabbani. She performed her own songs including her recent duet of “The Phantom of the Opera” with the Lebanese tenor Joseph Dahdah, her new song “Land For All” launched in collaboration with the United Nations, and a breathtaking “Islamo-Christian AVE” with singer Maen Zakaria.

Tania Kassis and the whole team made this “full of love and hope” concert one of the best summer concerts in Lebanon this year!flash_tania_kassis_concert

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