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So, the new Jurassic World film… how does it compare to the original?

Let me start off by saying, if you are expecting the original you will be disappointed. But this film is set over 20 years after the original. It is about building on what was already established in the prequels. Why would you pay to go see the same film again?

That being said, some really important underlying themes still remain:

  • You can perceive control over a situation, but it is just an illusion.
  • Animals are not property. They are living creatures humans need to live with in harmony.
  • Just because you can scientifically do something, doesn’t mean you should.

Jurassic World is set in an established park, where tourists have been coming for years to see dinosaurs which have been safely exhibited. jurassic_world_parkThe chaos of something going wrong in this film could results in thousands of lives being endangered. Whereas Jurassic Park was full of concerns due to the park being so new. Such concerns were frighteningly realised over the duration of the film. The two films coincide with a landslide of different emotions.

But Jurassic World was beautifully nostalgic of the original in subtle ways from the classic memorable music sure to get stuck in your head all day, the harmless but injured brontosaurs (similar to the original film’s sick Triceratops right?), the kids being attacked in a vehicle,and the reference to the electric fence which in the original memorably jolted Tim feet through the air (however in the new film, this fence is simply smashed through in an original Jurassic Park Jeep). I am sure there are many more references. There is rumoured to be a golden statue of John Hammond, the park’s original founder, but I was not observant enough to notice it.


Warning: spoiler alerts from now on…

Chris Pratt is truly the man of the moment isn’t he? And why shouldn’t he be? I truly loved his performance. He convincingly portrayed the character of Owen, distinguished raptor handler, with enough funny one- liners to pertain everything we love about Chris Pratt. jurassic_world_chris_pratt I enjoyed the raptor pack.
Is it bad that I was genuinely touched when they returned their loyalty to him at the end? And Bryce Dallas Howard portrayed Claire elegantly. Just how she ran around in those high heels all day I will never know. I would have fallen immediately and ended up as dinosaur lunch. A lot of people state they had problems with Claire’s storyline,  but none of which made a rational argument to me. The transformation of Claire’s character is a testament to Bryce Dallas Howard’s acting. jurassic_world_bryce_dallas_howardThis film stands out with its irresistibly good casting.

My one criticism: Gray gets upset about his parents getting divorced, but somehow by the end of the film this issue seems to get resolved when the parents come to pick up the boys from Costa Rica (where they were evacuated to) and they walk into the sunset together. It bugged me immensely as it is such as good film; there was no need to include this illogical storyline! A couple of flaws such as this have been pointed out but none of the other bothered me.

But overall, I recommend this film for taking a new step in portraying Jurassic Park. It is important not to do the same thing again and add different elements to thrill and excite an audience. And you know what? People argue they should not make a sequel to this film, but I know I for one will be sat in the cinema eagerly watching another Jurassic World film.

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