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Michael Jackson’s music and dance has been inspiring on a worldwide basis, with his music videos for “Beat it,” “Billie Jean,” “Thriller,” “Black or White,”  and “Scream” considered to be responsible in breaking down racial barriers, using the medium of music and dance as an educating tool.michael_jackson_picture_1

He popularised and named the complicated dance moves the “robot” and the “moonwalk,” as well as influencing many artists from a variety of genres with his distinctive sound and style.

Jill Rosen of the Guardian newspaper explains in her article on how Michael Jackson changed the world:

No one moved like Michael Jackson. But everyone wanted to. Music might have made him a star, but from the blunt sexuality of his crotch grabs, to the laser- sharp spins, snaps and pivots, to the mesmerizing group choreography spotlighted in his videos, to, of course, the otherworldly impossibility that was his moonwalk, dance launched Jackson into the stratosphere.

Jackson pioneered music videos that told a story, pushed the confines of special effects and used mastery choreography. As opposed to many artists who simply make videos with concert footage.

Throughout his life he racked up so many achievements he is credited as the most awarding recording artist in the history of popular music. These included “Artist of the Century,” 13 number on single in the United States during his solo career, and the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award just to name a few. He is also the first and only dancer from pop and rock to enter both the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Dance Hall of Fame.

Jackson did all of this despite the eccentricity and controversy surrounding him including his changing appearance, his personal relationships and controversy generated from the media.

Jackson also travelled the world attending events honouring his humanitarianism. In the year 2000, Guinness World Records recognised him for supporting more charities than any other entertainer.

Elizabeth Taylor named Jackson “the true king of pop, rock and soul” when presenting the Soul Train Heritage Award in 1989.

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