by Lauren Oakly

Victory or defeat for Nolan? Dunkirk is an explosion of cinematic wonder, depicting the grilling moments of attack and evacuation from the French seaside town during WWII. Three stories were intertwined: seven days on land, one day at sea, and one hour in the air. This action film directed by Christopher Nolan is a sensational […]

Beauty and the Beast

by Jessica Keynes

Now I’m older and have seen far too many movies, it was hard for me to let go of the idea that this story was about a woman who was essentially being held a prisoner, despite being allowed to go outside and wonder the castle alone. However for the sake of Disney and my childhood I […]


by Ryan Morris

Raw opens with a static camera, immediately finding a shot we all know. It’s an open road, an empty one. It’s edges are lined with trees, fields either side. Rather than place her camera in the middle and locate symmetry like many would, director Julia Ducournau opts to frame this familiar image from slightly left of […]

Power Rangers

by Jess Boswell

(Contains Potential Spoilers) An unlikely group of high school students find themselves pulled together by the discovery of five mysterious coloured stones that they soon realise contains a great power that has been cast upon them from the previous generation of super warriors. Forced to overcome their personal issues, the teenagers must harness their new strengths and work […]


by Jess Boswell

(Contains potential spoilers) Years in the future of the X-Men universe, the existence of mutants is in a substantial decline. Hidden away from the rest of humanity, Logan nurses an indisposed Professor Xavier. Not in good shape himself, the duo are soon interrupted by a gang of hostile individuals, who are on the search for […]


by Ryan Morris

Sometimes one exceptional performance is all you need to make a film shine. Even the dullest script and most mundane direction can be pushed aside if there’s just one person in that film that brings immeasurable life to it. Fences, directed by Denzel Washington, doesn’t just give us one masterful performance – it gives us […]

A Dog’s Purpose

by Jonathan Hunwick

Most movies about dogs finish with the dog dying at the end: it’s a very sad affair and you cry. This movie? This movie does it four times over. Released January 27th, Lasse Haelström’s A Dog’s Purpose is a two-hour film starring Josh Gad as his soul lives the lives of five different dog breeds […]

La La Land

by Jess Boswell

La La Land tells the story of aspiring actress Mia (Emma Stone) who is attempting to navigate her own way through the competitive environment of Los Angeles. Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) has hopes to share his love of jazz music and open his own music club to save the genre. Drawn together after a series of unexpected meetings, the two are propelled into a wondrous blur of romance […]