Live By Night

by Ryan Morris

Ben Affleck is at a peculiar stage in his career right now. The last film he directed and starred in prior to this was Argo, a critically acclaimed and Academy Award winning feature. The next film he’ll be directing and starring in after this is The Batman, the follow up to the critically panned Batman […]


by Ryan Morris

Reviewing Martin Scorsese’s Silence is a challenge on par with enduring the film itself. I’d go as far as arguing that this is the biggest compliment I can pay this film.Silence is a feature that thrives on challenging its audience. The film wants us to suffer through lengthy patches of nothingness. It craves our undivided attention but […]

A Monster Calls

by Ryan Morris

One of the most frustrating things a film can do is have a third act so good that it feels as if the first two acts don’t deserve it. It means that when you leave the cinema you’re overflowing with joy or emotion or tension or whatever the film excelled in during its final stretch. […]


by Jess Boswell

Moana is the chief tribes daughter, and next in line to lead the tribe. The sea is her true calling ever since she was a child, she has been drawn to the great blue. Her grandmother teaches her the ancient truths of her ancestors and their travels across the ocean. Against the wishes of her father, Moana strives to follow […]

Doctor Strange

by Jess Boswell

Following a life changing incident, neurosurgeon Steven Strange undergoes masses of surgeries in an attempt to regain full working control over his hands.  When traditional medicine appears to provide no hope, the doctor searches for help elsewhere. Under the guidance from the Ancient One, he then learns the true powers from within himself to conquer inner demons and protect the mystic realms. […]

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

by Jessica Keynes

‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ is set in a simpler time, before all the drama with ‘You Know Who’. Where the only magical trouble wreaking havoc on the no maj (muggle) world is a thieving mole, a frisky rhino, and… Oh yeah, a scary black mist destroying New York’s historical landmarks. Who are these […]

Nocturnal Animals

by Jess Boswell

Living what seems to be the life of luxury, art gallery owner Susan is dragging herself through an unhappy marriage and an unsatisfying work life. After the delivery of an unusual package from her ex-husband, she becomes obsessed with a manuscript she’s been gifted, and thoughts drift back to memories of her life with Edward, […]

Suicide Squad

by Calum Aynsley

With Batman v Superman  getting mediocre reviews and a mixed reception earlier in the year, a lot of focus has been on the next film in the DC franchise. Hopes for many were high, as DC seemed to realise that their villains are far better Properties than the majority of their heroes and I’ll admit, even […]