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With the year at an end, more and more lists have been accumulated to commemorate 2016. It would seem improper to not hop on the bandwagon and discuss some of the past films that we, here at Starskify, enjoyed over the last twelve months. With such a diverse group of contributors, our tastes are evidently quite broad, covering action packed Superhero epics to heart-warming animations. Granted, the year wasn’t the best of years, particularly in world news, but that didn’t get in the way of some good ol’ cinema releases gracing our big screens.

Jessica Keynes

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice – Review

Everyone thought this combination was a poor attempt at DC trying to keep up with Marvel’s Avengers; that it would just be an embarrassing display watching a Batman that everyone wishes was Christian Bale, and a Superman that delivered a flat a boring performance in Man of Steel. However, it actually managed to equally combine two awesome characters, it kept me clinging to my face and swapping my allegiance like the British weather.2016_batmanvsuperman

Finding Dory

Pixar just have it down: they are flawless – the Victoria Secret models of animation. Finding Dory was a heart warming, witty and beautiful story with hilarious new characters like Bailey: the sonar blind beluga whale played by Modern Family’s Ty Burrell. It’s a film that can never have too many sequels/prequels and is definitely my favourite film of the year.

2016_findingdorySuicide Squad – Review

How has this even got mixed reviews? No it’s not epically challenging and it doesn’t have any hidden messages about animal rights or saving the planet. But it’s just a great ‘lets leave all the crap at the door’ film, where you can watch all the pretty colours and imagine how cool it would be to be Harley Quinn; not thinking about all the cleaning you have to do on Saturday for two whole hours.


Ryan Morris


Uniquely intense, emotionally stunning, thematically powerful and spectacularly told, Arrival is a superlative film that brings together all of its astounding components for a mind blowing final act. A flat out science-fiction masterpiece.


Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Warm, funny, and deeply felt, Hunt for the Wilderpeople makes for an extremely enjoyable adventure that finds a star in both director Taika Waititi and newcomer Julian Dennison.


The Witch

Thematically challenging, superbly performed, exquisitely directed and packed with enough terror and dread to last a lifetime, The Witch not only continues horror’s new found development into arthouse cinema, it completes it.


The Neon Demon

Sick, slick, and superbly crafted, The Neon Demon is a stylish and darkly thrilling experience that masterfully succeeds in everything it sets out to do: shock, confuse, and horrify.


 Spotlight – Review

Boasting impressively controlled performances from its cast and a superb effort from writer/director Tom McCarthy, Spotlight demonstrates the emotional power of both cinema and storytelling when true events are adapted to the big screen with the filmmaking skill they deserve.



Aida Martal 

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Interesting point of view of the old story we all knew. Filling the gaps while we get to enjoy some old Star Wars action.


Fantastic beasts and Where to Find Them – Review

New story, new country, but the same world we know and loved from the original movies.


Captain America: Civil War

Pure Marvel. Action and “subtle” comedy put together to enjoy your time at the cinema.



Nice and tender. A great movie to watch with the little ones, and not so little.



Forgetting all the hate this movie got, for whatever the reason, I liked it. Not a masterpiece, but I wasn’t expecting one. Good laughs.



Jess Boswell

 Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them

The era is wonderful and the characters create a diverse and exciting story of adventure, action and most importantly, magic. The creatures are wonderful and there’s so much potential for what can be created in future installments, thanks to the brilliant set up that Eddie Redmayne put forward.



A brilliant combination of action, comedy and even a bit of romance that is presented in suitable quantities. It’s easy to watch, consistently hilarious and Ryan Reynolds excels as the quirky protagonist, pushing the boundaries of standard conventional superhero movies.



It’s compelling and brilliantly adapted. Led by a suffering mother, excellently portrayed by Brie Larson. There’s a strong theme of innocence: the young Jacob Tremblay shines as the youngster, living in an isolated surroundings and thrust into the real world – a complete alien world for this unique child.


Eye in the Sky

For me, this is an excellent example of how an unknown cinema release can turn out to become something truly engaging and surprisingly one of my favourite films of the year. Intense, powerful and brilliantly executed by a top cast.


Moana – Review

Wonderful and entertaining, capable of appealing to adults and youngsters alike; a true delight that will be treasured for years to come, particularly because of the gorgeous soundtrack that accompanies the visuals.


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