Florence Foster Jenkins

by Jess Boswell

Florence Takes Centre Stage in a Shining Performance Embodying the True Spirit of Music Not shy from life on the stage, Florence Foster Jenkins (Meryl Streep) becomes inspired to pursue the desire of urging her performances further through the exhilaration of opera singing. Always graced with a passion for music and along with her devoted husband […]

The True Cost

by Vittorio Bollo

Documentary films are without a doubt one of my favourite film genres of all. There have been too many over the years to note here, but I for one cannot resist, say, the agitprop of Michael Moore’s work in Bowling for Columbine and Sicko or Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me. Then there are documentary gems […]

The Big Short

by Asif Deepro

Remember your elementary history or math teacher, who used to try very hard to wrap up the lessons in such a way that you didn’t find out you were in imminent danger of learning things? The Big Short is actually the same thing, the only difference being your teacher most probably used to fail at […]


by Vittorio Bollo

Many people were surprised when Spotlight won this year’s Oscar for Best Picture. There were even gasps of surprise in the audience when it was announced the winner, as The Revenant was considered the favourite at that point. I was not one of those surprised by Spotlight winning the top prize, however. I knew it […]

Love & Mercy

by Jonathan Hunwick

A charming little movie passed under most audience’s radar last June, which is a shame, since its unique take on biography, presenting itself in parallel narrative, really enhanced the meaning behind the film, and left an impression on anyone who actually did see the movie. Love and Mercy is a biographical film from director Bill […]

Life Itself

by Maria Gallagher

A Documentary of Film Critic Roger Ebert I was born inside the movie of my life… I don’t remember how I got into the movie, but it continues to entertain me. Roger Ebert, Life Itself- a memoir The fascinating life of film critic and writer Roger Ebert is captured gloriously by director Steve James in […]