by Lauren Oakly

Victory or defeat for Nolan? Dunkirk is an explosion of cinematic wonder, depicting the grilling moments of attack and evacuation from the French seaside town during WWII. Three stories were intertwined: seven days on land, one day at sea, and one hour in the air. This action film directed by Christopher Nolan is a sensational […]


by Ryan Morris

Reviewing Martin Scorsese’s Silence is a challenge on par with enduring the film itself. I’d go as far as arguing that this is the biggest compliment I can pay this film.Silence is a feature that thrives on challenging its audience. The film wants us to suffer through lengthy patches of nothingness. It craves our undivided attention but […]


by Vittorio Bollo

Many people were surprised when Spotlight won this year’s Oscar for Best Picture. There were even gasps of surprise in the audience when it was announced the winner, as The Revenant was considered the favourite at that point. I was not one of those surprised by Spotlight winning the top prize, however. I knew it […]