by Ryan Morris

Raw opens with a static camera, immediately finding a shot we all know. It’s an open road, an empty one. It’s edges are lined with trees, fields either side. Rather than place her camera in the middle and locate symmetry like many would, director Julia Ducournau opts to frame this familiar image from slightly left of […]

The Walking Dead

by Jessica Keynes

Why The Walking Dead has truly lost its way. The first time I stumbled upon The Walking Dead, was purely by chance. “I’ll watch the first five minutes and see”, I told myself whilst searching for something to fill the void Orange Is The New Black season 2 had left behind. Ha, famous last words! […]

The Other Side of the Door

by Calum Aynsley

The Other Side of the Door is one of those horror films where you can tell there’s been some attempt to try and pull away from convention, but what you’re left with is a bizarre, cliched mess. I barely know where to begin with the odd decisions and plot points this film decides to pursue […]

What We Do in the Shadows

by Vittorio Bollo

Do you know why I love movies? I mean really, really love movies? I love movies because every once in a while, literally out of nowhere, a gem comes along that is so unexpected and so good that it makes up for all the disappointing, overrated, flabby or downright bad movies that one has had […]

No One Lives

by Maria Gallagher

No One Lives (2012) is an American horror film directed by Rhuhei Kitamura which is gripping right from the start. A group of backwards bandits are filled with regret when they chose to victimise a couple that is not as helpless as they seem. The plot twists are enticing, even though it seems inevitable that […]

Goodnight Mommy

by Maria Gallagher

Not as scary as the trailer! Goodnight Mommy (2014) is supposedly a horror film. Set in the summer holidays, twins Elias and Lukas aged eleven visit their mother in her luxurious detached house. The mother has a fully bandaged head, justified by cosmetic surgery following a “car accident.” But she quickly becomes strange in her […]