by Lauren Oakly

Victory or defeat for Nolan? Dunkirk is an explosion of cinematic wonder, depicting the grilling moments of attack and evacuation from the French seaside town during WWII. Three stories were intertwined: seven days on land, one day at sea, and one hour in the air. This action film directed by Christopher Nolan is a sensational […]

Power Rangers

by Jess Boswell

(Contains Potential Spoilers) An unlikely group of high school students find themselves pulled together by the discovery of five mysterious coloured stones that they soon realise contains a great power that has been cast upon them from the previous generation of super warriors. Forced to overcome their personal issues, the teenagers must harness their new strengths and work […]

La La Land

by Jess Boswell

La La Land tells the story of aspiring actress Mia (Emma Stone) who is attempting to navigate her own way through the competitive environment of Los Angeles. Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) has hopes to share his love of jazz music and open his own music club to save the genre. Drawn together after a series of unexpected meetings, the two are propelled into a wondrous blur of romance […]

Doctor Strange

by Jess Boswell

Following a life changing incident, neurosurgeon Steven Strange undergoes masses of surgeries in an attempt to regain full working control over his hands.  When traditional medicine appears to provide no hope, the doctor searches for help elsewhere. Under the guidance from the Ancient One, he then learns the true powers from within himself to conquer inner demons and protect the mystic realms. […]

X-Men: Apocalypse

by Calum Aynsley

It seems as though we’re going a little bit superhero mad this year doesn’t it? You literally can’t go to the cinema at the moment without your eyes and ears being bombarded to the point that you begin to question whether we really do live inside a comic book. With big titles such as Dawn […]

The True Cost

by Vittorio Bollo

Documentary films are without a doubt one of my favourite film genres of all. There have been too many over the years to note here, but I for one cannot resist, say, the agitprop of Michael Moore’s work in Bowling for Columbine and Sicko or Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me. Then there are documentary gems […]

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

by Jess Boswell

(Includes potential spoilers to the plot) Zach Snyder presents his second foray into the superhero world in the form of his familiar Man of Steel encountering the Caped Crusader of Gotham in a rivalry of morals and justice. Citizens of Metropolis emerge conscious of the destruction Superman has brought to their city, and are now […]