by Jess Boswell

(Contains potential spoilers) Years in the future of the X-Men universe, the existence of mutants is in a substantial decline. Hidden away from the rest of humanity, Logan nurses an indisposed Professor Xavier. Not in good shape himself, the duo are soon interrupted by a gang of hostile individuals, who are on the search for […]

Nocturnal Animals

by Jess Boswell

Living what seems to be the life of luxury, art gallery owner Susan is dragging herself through an unhappy marriage and an unsatisfying work life. After the delivery of an unusual package from her ex-husband, she becomes obsessed with a manuscript she’s been gifted, and thoughts drift back to memories of her life with Edward, […]

The Other Side of the Door

by Calum Aynsley

The Other Side of the Door is one of those horror films where you can tell there’s been some attempt to try and pull away from convention, but what you’re left with is a bizarre, cliched mess. I barely know where to begin with the odd decisions and plot points this film decides to pursue […]

The Nice Guys

by Jess Boswell

Being Nice Only Gets You So Far The year is 1977. Los Angeles is home to private investigator Holland March, who is recruited to track down a girl deemed to be associated with a famous, recently deceased porn star. His investigations lead him to encounter the somewhat unconventional enforcer Jackson Healy, who also happens to […]

High Rise

by Jess Boswell

Doctor of Psychology Robert Laing is new to life in the High Rise, having recently moved to the 25th floor of a newly developed tower block in London. Bound to the tower by a hierarchy of class and power, Laing soon fits right in, pushing away his somewhat enigmatic past and welcoming the conventional and […]

No One Lives

by Maria Gallagher

No One Lives (2012) is an American horror film directed by Rhuhei Kitamura which is gripping right from the start. A group of backwards bandits are filled with regret when they chose to victimise a couple that is not as helpless as they seem. The plot twists are enticing, even though it seems inevitable that […]

Goodnight Mommy

by Maria Gallagher

Not as scary as the trailer! Goodnight Mommy (2014) is supposedly a horror film. Set in the summer holidays, twins Elias and Lukas aged eleven visit their mother in her luxurious detached house. The mother has a fully bandaged head, justified by cosmetic surgery following a “car accident.” But she quickly becomes strange in her […]