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Why The Walking Dead has truly lost its way.

The first time I stumbled upon The Walking Dead, was purely by chance. “I’ll watch the first five minutes and see”, I told myself whilst searching for something to fill the void Orange Is The New Black season 2 had left behind. Ha, famous last words! By the time the ‘Na na na na’ of the credits had finished, I was left grasping the sides of the screen, desperate to know everything about the lead hero, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) – for about three seasons it didn’t click that he was the guy in love with Keira Knightley in Love Actually! That’s right Rick is really British, which made this show even more epic. The actors really immersed themselves into their roles, and had me empathizing with them, I loved and hated every one of them, and when they met their usually emotional and heroic ends, I felt like I had lost someone near and dear.

So at the season 6 finale I was, for the first time, excited for the summer to be over so I could continue to cry, fall in love (with Daryl), and revel in the emotional turmoil that faced my Walking Dead family in season 7. However…


….seriously if you’ve started watching TWD or plan on watching it, this will crush you.

When two characters are viciously, and I mean viciously murdered by Negan, a heartless brute who makes Hannibal Lecter look like a fluffy cat, I was throughly over TWD. Abraham and dearest Glenn, the heart and foundation of the group were smashed into a bloody pulp. So what does this mean? Well when the heart is removed, the rest soon dies and that’s how I feel the remainder of the season will go, it will wither until it is a shell of it’s former self. I’ve never been too keen on unnecessary violence, like the first Saw, it was clever, unique, and tastefully installed fear into the minds of teens but the latter ones – no, it was just sadism.

Instead of fearing Negan, I felt repulsed. Maybe that was the aim but it seems like the essence of the story was now lost. TWD was never about the gore (for me anyway), it was about how the group were able to survive, and provide inspiration in an otherwise desolate life.

Maybe the show wanted to mimic, the unsympathetic principles of Game of Thrones but it failed. Instead of inspiring vengeance and wrath, it wreaked of an even more bleak and hopeless future which left me, and I’m sure many other viewers and long-term fans on edge, distraught, saddened and downright ticked off. The one good scene was the almost amputation of Carl’s arm and Rick’s emotional and desperate pleading, which actually made me believe that there was no coming back for Rick, or the group – they were done, and unfortunately so am I.

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